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Is hypnosis mind control?

Yes but not like you think. If you're trying to stop smoking or trying to lose a few kilos but can’t, who do you think is in control? If you are feeling anxious all the time over thoughts that you know will never happen or are just plain silly but can’t stop, who do you think is in control? If you dream of the perfect job, partner, house but keep hitting some invisible glass ceiling that stops you from achieving it, who do you think is in control? If you consciously desire something but can’t achieve it then you are probably running a conflicting subconscious program. You can either give up or change your subconscious programming. By far the quickest, easiest and most successful way to change your subconscious program is with hypnosis. So, is hypnosis mind control? Yes, but not in the way some people think. Hypnosis gives you back control of your mind and that is why the leaders in business, sport, the arts, technology all embrace it. Do you want to take back control of your mind and therefore your results? Let us help you. Invest in yourself and your success. Book a session now so you can get back in control of your own mind. You are in full control of your mind the whole way through a session.

Life Coach

A life coach is someone who will get you through to realising your goals and dreams. A life coach can use many tools such as hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, visualisation techniques among other tools. A life coach can work on issues such as: losing weight, quit smoking, anxiety issues, insomnia, stress, depression and bringing your goals to reality. Elite athletes, entertainers and business people all use life coaches to help them get to where they want to be. Try it for yourself.

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