* I just want to let you know how grateful I am for your generosity in sharing your experience, stories, techniques and especially the magical treatment you gave me. I ‘ve learnt from you more than from some trainings I’ve done and I am grateful for having met you. I've absorbed all of the benefits from our discussion and for the special gift of your wise, thoughtful and caring approach to the goal I want to achieve, THANK YOU!


* There were issues in my life that had never been resolved. I had been to counselors attended numerous workshops, and online seminars etc. I was continually looking for new avenues to explore. My life had seemed to be going nowhere, but I was not sure how to get it back on track.
My confidence was at an all time low, and nothing seemed to be working. Even though I tried to appear happy and on top of things, it must have been obvious to my friends and acquaintances that all was not as it could be.
I was amazed at the huge shift I felt after my first visit. It was like a weight had been had been lifted off my shoulders. It was a very powerful experience. Jan took me back through the important stages of my life. I was actually there! I identified feelings I had been harboring in my subconscious all my life.
I realize the impact they had on my growth, and why I was still in that space. These blocks in my life were still impacting on me and inhibiting me from moving forward. Jan showed me how to tap into my subconscious, and take my power back.
I am impressed with Jan's spirituality, and his deep understanding of the universal connection we all have to each other.
His approach is gentle, reassuring and highly professional. I strongly recommend Jan to people looking for a quick solution to any issues of concern. I have no hesitation in recommending Jan, he has had a huge impact on my life. Thank you


* Since being a small child I have struggled with emetophobia (the irrational fear of vomiting). It has plagued my life and caused me to avoid so many social situations over the years. I realised that my phobia was intensifying as I got older and I had reached a point where I felt it was ‘growing legs’. My emetophobia was swiftly becoming claustrophobia, which would ultimately lead to agoraphobia. I knew that unless I sought help there would come a time when I would be too afraid to leave the safety of my home. I knew about hypnosis and I had heard about its benefits, but I was sceptical. One day I experienced a particularly bad incident. It triggered a very alarming phobic response and a severe panic attack. I was so desperate to overcome this phobia that I convinced myself it was time to give hypnosis a go. A good friend had recommended Jan to me and I made an appointment to see him. In a very relaxed atmosphere, Jan listened to me, offered sound advice and used a variety of hypnosis and NLP techniques to help me overcome my phobia. After just one session I felt empowered and able to cope in situations that used to leave me powerless. I have since seen Jan on two more occasions and I am confident that I am now in control instead of my phobia controlling me. Thanks to Jan’s hypnosis skills my life has changed for the better. I still can’t quite believe that I have finally conquered a fear that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Now when friends and family tentatively mention anything vomit-related when I am with them, I find myself reassuring them that it’s OK. I’m done. I’ve moved on. *


* Thanks so much Jan, I feel so different. For me, you are like my housekeeping angel, the person who can help me clean out my old negative and limiting beliefs, thoughts and things that were holding me back in the life I wanted. Gosh, I felt so free for the first time in my life, only those with addictions can really understand how freeing it is. I recommend Jan to anyone who wants to change their life (be it in phobias, addictions, anxiety, weight loss or thinking positive and getting success in your life). He’s truly and deeply changed my life for the better. You only need to do two things: tell him everything you’re feeling and you need to want to change. He’ll help you do the rest. It’s worth it. *

Dorit (Jasmin's mum)

* Thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session with my daughter, Jasmin who's eight years old. Jasmin's fear of spiders was affecting both of our lives negatively, especially hers. It prevented her doing many things such as climbing her favourite tree- an activity she had engaged in since early childhood, which stopped abruptly the day she saw a spider in the tree. It also prevented her using the bathroom- if there was a spider there, I would have to remove it before she would use the toilet or shower. Many other activities were also affected negatively, such as bringing in washing from the line and using some of her toys or engaging in outdoor games and activities. Her phobia caused her (and me) much distress and anxiety. Since Jasmin's session with you, her arachnophobia has disappeared! She remains calm when encountering a spider or spider's web, and is able to engage in normal activities of day-to-day life without the distress and anxiety that her fear had caused. She takes it upon herself to remove a spider if she finds it necessary, without even letting me know it's there, and at other times just carries on with her activity, regardless of a spider being present. Her consultation with you has also provided her with tools to deal with other fears and anxieties, and I find her using positive self-talk and visualisation to give herself confidence and optimism. This has been a miraculous and profoundly positive transformation in her life, and I cannot thank you enough for facilitating this change. Thank you again for your wonderful work and caring attitude Jan. *


* After my meeting with Jan I realised that what he does doesn't remove bad experiences from the past, but it does remove the power that they have over your emotions and life. These changes have allowed me to enjoy my life so I can move forward to greater things, they've been profound changes. *  

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