We help you change your mind to become the person you want.

You end up rechanging your thoughts and subconscious behaviour to get the life you want. During our life, we can accumulate limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions based on our experiences through life. They can show up as phobias, habits, addictions, words, actions, anxiety, fear, depression, anger and pain. Or life experiences that you just don't want anymore.

Mind training is used by celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, business people, entertainers, speakers and leaders.

As a Mind Trainer, I have trained and become qualified in numerous approaches and styles of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as NLP, coaching and Energy Psychology (acupressure techniques for the mind).

You can choose the techniques that you want, and I'll tailor-make every session specific to you.

The approach we use is simple, direct and gets results: Analysis for the most part is unnecessary. After all, if you have a splinter in your finger, you really don’t care how you got it, why you got it, how big it is, what colour it is or who gave it to you; you simply want to take tweezers and pull it out. We just help you be who you want to be.

I provide programs and approaches that assist you gain control of your life and mind. It’s certainly not a quick fix that we are talking about; in fact you will most likely experience deeper insight into yourself and your true capabilities than you may have thought possible.

Who's it for? Adults and children, those with problems and those without. Essentially people who are proactive and want to change for the better. Those who want to move forward in their life. For parents... we can't make your children do what you want. We can help those who come to us to improve and change. For example, we can ask your child to focus on their end goal (getting into a team, playing well and/or becoming who they want). We can't tell them to clean their room if they have no interest in it. In fact, children can often reach incredibly positive results if they can be shown the end result and how their behaviour can affect their outcome. Adults can have more fears and hesitations to work through than children due to having more life experiences. Such areas and tools we use include ->

* Results may vary from person to person